October 12, 2011

Take a peek behind the scenes during Photo Assistant Bootcamp with Jesse Dittmar - images courtesy of Liz Clayman.

September 9, 2011

Stunning photographs from the Alternate & Historical Photographic Processes class, taught by Christopher Labzda.

Images provided by Liz Clayman.

July 25, 2011
Street Photography Class Blog

Photo by Erin Lee

Our Street Photography Class with Larson Harley has it’s own blog! It’s pretty awesome and gives you a glimpse into the eyes of some 3rd Ward students.

Check it out here!

July 12, 2011

Check out these images of 3rd Ward students in our Intro to Digital Photography Class with Elizabeth Waugh.

Thanks to Liz Clayman for the images.

June 1, 2011

Student work from our Alternate & Historical Photographic Processes course with Christopher Labzda!

Photographs taken by Liz Clayman.

May 20, 2011

Intro to Makeup Techniques with Roberto Casey!

Photos by Liz Clayman

April 5, 2011

Photos from Clay Patrick McBride’s class, DIY Studio Lighting: Frankenlites

Photos by Liz Clayman.

March 17, 2011

Student work from Elizabeth Waugh’s Photography Portfolio class!

February 21, 2011

Roberto Casey’s Intro to Makeup Techniques class!

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